Thursday, April 4, 2013

Work in progress for a past comedy special

Comedian Nema Williams at THEARC theater in DC
Comedian Ed Blaze at THEARC theater in DC
Hey folks,  I know it's been a while since I've     blogged but I've been pretty busy as of late (which is a good thing).

Back in February comedian Ed Blaze asked me to film and direct a show featuring himself and fellow headlining comedian Nema Williams at THEARC theater in Washington DC.

For the show, I managed to work with a nice crew  of videographer to get different angles of the comedians. Overall, it was one of the most fun shoots I've ever had and hopefully this will see a major network. *fingers crossed*

Currently Ed and Nema are on tour together so check out for the up and coming dates.

Note to self: Get a newer Mac for these bigger projects!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Behind the scenes of music video for artist Dolphin

Been working on this video with the good brother Dolphin and I wanted to give thanks to all the folks participated in this process.  Look out for the EP called "Orion" coming soon on 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes

I know this was released earlier this month but I've been so busy with side projects that I haven't had time to post here.

Wow! Flying Lotus does it again!  I had to express my love for this great work of art.  The smooth shots, the coloring of the footage, and concept is incredible.

Flylo has an album coming out October 2nd called "Until The Quiet Comes" and I know it's fresh because of the advance online stream of the album.  Support artists pushing envelope!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Joey Bada$$ - Waves

I think this video is a great mix of the new generation of kids and the old 90's vibe of Hip Hop.  Also, can't help but to reminisce of my high school years with my friends talking about Hip Hop music in a more innocent time in life.

Joey Bada$$ is a pretty good rapper for only being 17 years old.  His project is out right now called "1999" and can be downloaded HERE. I think this video represents the "look" of today's kids and them adopting the skate culture.  That's one thing I'm glad about the new generation is skating isn't considered a "white thing" anymore and all kids can enjoy without being called "white acting".  Evolution is a fascinating thing isn't it?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

At the finish line for the IOTA film feature Dolphin

Dolphin - IOTA (full version) from R.Badwah & Murray Pictures on Vimeo.
Inside the editor

Today I'm proud to announce that after over 2 months of shooting footage the IOTA musical film is finished!

For the folks that haven't followed this process, I've been working with an international artist named Dolphin, who resides in Baltimore MD.  We started talking this past February and found that we creatively clicked off the bat. It felt good to have that mutual respect because I've been listening to Dolphin's music online for roughly 6 years.  Very humbling on my side since I'm still a BIG fan of great music outside the Videography world.

In March, I planned a rehearsal shoot for the IOTA live set.  My intentions were to test out my new "low light" lens I had just purchased and to workout the kinks though camera settings.  The rehearsal was such a magical night because not only did I find a sweet spot in the camera settings but the guitar playing by Dolphin was great.  When I brought the footage home, that's when I really FELT the magic of the whole process.  It hit me all at once because while recording the rehearsal, I was in my creative zone and just trying to get the best sound and video. But when I saw and heard the footage in the video editor I was AMAZED how great it came out!!

Two weeks later we recorded the live set and over the course of 2 months we managed to do interviews and numerous b-roll footage to give the film a little "color".

I hope folks enjoy it. :)  We'll have some great outtakes that didn't make the set but will be available on the DVD version in the near future.
A picture in downtown Baltimore

IOTA rough track listing in my notebook

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A promo put together for Dolphin's "iota" LIVE set

In my previous post, I spoke about the shoot I had with singer Dolphin this passed weekend.  With the fresh energy still in my blood from the shoot I decided to knock out the promo video "quick, fast & a hurry" by getting some random cool shots in the city of Baltimore to add a little ambiance to the video.  I think it worked out well.

Stay tuned for the full LIVE set of "Iota" in the near future!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rehearsal shoot with singer Dolphin

Back in 2006, I heard rumors about a multi-instrumentalist/Singer living in Baltimore named "Dolphin".  It was said his work ethic was unmatched and having numerous indie albums under his belt.  Dolphin's music ranges from soul, funk, blues, rock and brazilian just to name a few.  At the time, his music was hard to come by so when you received a download link to an EP or album it felt like Christmas!  I think it's virtually impossible for a fan to have all of Dolphin's music.

A month ago a reached out to Dolphin about possibly doing a video or two in the future. He responded and we've been throwing some dope ideas around for the near future.

This particular video was a rehearsal shoot for his up and coming set called "iota". Dolphin explains the reason for the name by saying "Every note counts". In the clip, he's playing a song called "Modern Hell". A song he hasn't recording but wanted to try out during this session so it's a really a rough draft. Kind of like an exclusive look into a future song.

Stay tuned folks!!

Check out Dolphin's music HERE

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Short film CTB on

Moe explaining his vision on set

I'm sure some folks remember from a previous blog post when I mentioned that I was involved with a short film by Writer/Director Muggaga Kintu.

The film is called CTB which is short for Catch The Bus.  Muggaga (Moe), decided with my help, to putting together a video pitch on where he's lobbying for small donations to put this film into festivals and other media outlets. On the page shows the donation incentives and the story overview.

The video above gives the viewer a look at the actors involved in CTB and their feelings about the story. If you can relate to the story or know someone that can, please feel free to spread the word and donate to this project.  I can assure all donations will go to a great cause and a hard working crew.

view here Kickstarter page

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A promo for The D.A. show on 92Q Baltimore

This footage was shot this past summer at Baltimore Maryland's 92.3 radio station. It was great to see Alicia and the rapper Wordsmith again. Some might know I shot a music video for Wordsmith where Alicia Cruz played Wordsmith's girl in the video.

The story behind this promo video is Wordsmith tailored an intro track for the D.A. show which is hosted by Dre Johnson and Alicia Cruz on 92Q. The experience was fun with Dre Johnson cracking jokes on and off air with Alicia. But through all the jokes, I saw the professionalism and hard work it takes to produce a show every weekend.  Check it out!!

The D.A. show or

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A piece of my childhood died today ...

This morning I got the sad news that one of my all time favorite TV show hosts Don Cornelius died from a gun shot to the head.

In the 80's, my sister and I watched Soul Train religiously on Saturdays.  Our neighborhood was newly developed and didn't have cable television until 1989.  That meant we had no MTV or BET prior to 1989.  Our musical fixes were Friday Night Videos on NBC, New York Hot Tracks and Soul Train on the weekends.  Almost every Saturday we taped each episode on the Betamax VCR so we could study the latest moves from some of the dancers. This was the era when dancers were doing the Cabbage patch, the running man, The Wop, The Alf and other funny looking moves. We had great times scooting across the carpet dancing like fools back in the day.

We had our favorites and would laugh at some of the corny dressed dancers.  Our personal favorite dancer was Louie Ski Carr because he'd profile around the stage and dance 20% of the time. LoL! One might ask, "How do you know Louie by name?" Well, there was one episode when New Edition was performing "Candy Girl" and Louie felt the spirit and randomly pranced around on stage near the end of their set. Louie did his signature "kick pause" like Michael Jackson to the amusement of the group.  When Don got on stage to interview New Edition he called out "Big Louie" and jokingly told Louie to NOT get on stage with the singers.  We know Don wasn't really joking though. Ha!
Rosie Perez

Later, it was alleged that Rosie Perez was fired for doing the same thing when Keith Sweat performed "Something Just Ain't Right" on stage years later. But we know Rosie did quite well for herself after the show. :D

I'm really going to miss Don Cornelius for his vision and being a pioneer in bringing black music to the homes of millions. Although Don didn't like half of the music acts on his show (especially Hip Hop artists) in the later years he was still smart enough to know there was a new era of music that couldn't be denied.

I'm so sorry to hear he left this world in such a violent manner. I'm hoping his death wasn't a suicide as the story is being reported.  Either way it's a tragic end to one of my childhood Heroes.

R.I.P. Don Cornelius

Friday, January 27, 2012

A milestone for D'Angelo in 2012

I had heard about this show back in November but I didn't take it too serious because I use to hear stories about D'Angelo canceling or not coming on stage because of his insecurities.  Then I see this video pop up on youtube and I'm extremely surprised because most D'Angelo fans I know stop checking for him out of frustration with no music.  It's been 12 years (and counting) since he's released an album and judging from the video I see the theater was packed with fans which is a great sign for D'Angelo. It shows in reality that people still care for the talented musician.

I just hope that he's okay and winning the battle with his inner demons.  We know performing in public is a BIG step for D'Angelo knowing his past issues.  Also, I'm sure the media is foaming at the mouth to get the first interview of D'Angleo and solid info on his rumored 3rd album called "James River". Let's hope for the best.

Good Luck D

Monday, December 26, 2011

Photo shoot with up and coming artist Verbiage

This past holiday weekend I decided to do a photo shoot with up and coming artist Verbiage.  I had great conversations with him and it seems he has a great head on his shoulders for success. 

Verbiage mentioned that he has a couple projects with a few producers in the works.  You can keep in touch with him here. Also hear Verbiage display his talent on an industry instrumental. He calls this joint "Decision" ... download here

Verbiage in Georgetown
We decided to take some pictures in Georgetown Washington D.C. because I love the "old feel" of that part of the city.  Below are some of the pictures from this very cold day. 
The Key Bridge in Georgetown
The C & O Canal in Georgetown

Another view on the C & O Canal 

A very random picture in Georgetown

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Contributing my talents to a short film

This past summer I began working with first time writer/director Moe aka Mugagga Kintu.  What Moe has in store for the public is a short film he wrote called "Catch The Bus" or "CTB".  It's been a great experience working with other Videographers, Actors and seeing the process first hand on how a film is put together. My main job is being a camera person in this production and I'm pretty excited to see how the film will turn out.

To briefly talk about the short without giving away too much the story is about a depressed girl who finds herself in a dark place in her life and is undecided on what she wants for her future.

Here's a couple stills from the auditions and film. Stay tuned!

Actress Amira Dahan and Jane Ostdiek read lines for CTB

Moe directs on set for "Catch The Bus" film 

Monday, November 21, 2011

First music video show on national TV

This video clip joggles my memory into so much that happened in the 80's for me. This music video show on NBC called "Fight Night Videos" changed me and my sister's life forever in the early 80's.  It was our first exposure to music videos since we didn't have cable to watch MTV.  I remember watching the bizarre visuals of all the Pop hit songs and British invasion artists that flooded the music industry. It was really the sign of the times.

I remember my father made sure he video taped the shows on the Betamax VCR (which was "state of the art" before VHS players hit the market later). On Saturday mornings while kids watched their cartoons my sister and I were watching music videos from the night before. This show exposed me to the greatest music video EVER "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.

<----- The exact Betamax VCR model my father had

I'm happy I was exposed to different music early in my life because it gave me a diverse ear and openness to other genes of music today (I'm not just a Hip Hopper).

peace ya'll!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maybach Music artist Stalley

Ohio artist Stalley signed to Rick Ross' label Maybach Music back in September but before that Stalley has released three mixtapes since 2008.  The most recent project "Lincoln Way Nights (Intellegent Trunk Music)" was released during the first quarter of this year and was real dope.

This music video is a Maybach music remix of sort.  The original song on the project doesn't have Rick Ross but I'm sure after the signing he and Stalley probably thought it's a good idea to show their allegiance in the video as well as promoting Maybach Music.  "Lincoln Way Nights (Intellegent Trunk Music)" already a dope project is going to be re released on November 8th on MMG.

I can't wait to hear the re release because I know Ross' engineers will know how to enhance the sound of Stalley's album. Rick Ross has a great resume of quality sounding albums.

If you want to hear more about Stalley check him out at